Two Poems

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September 20, 2012 by derrickjcullen

To keep things interesting, I have decided to avoid any formality that goes along with an essay— and approach this assignment as a creative opportunity… What lies below is the product of a sporadic free writing session, brought back to Earth thanks to a final refining and polishing attempt. My fingers will remain crossed for the consideration of my floundering reach toward infused creativity…

Web Writing, Visited

Not like a spider’s web, which can tangle,
Your mind keeps spinning, and is unable

To comprehend the words that you see,
And so, I must make this important decree;

Do not, I say, do not confuse,
The readers— without whom, you’ll lose,

Any sort of merit or esteem,
And with it, away runs your life’s dream,

Of mastering the art of writing things out,
Online, which is— without a doubt,

A skill that all should comprehend,
Made obvious if you just pretend

To know exactly how to write,
things on your blog, which seems quite trite.

Web Writing, Revisited

The way to write upon a site,
is concisely worded, but not uptight;

Do not use jargon, you’ll cause a fright,
just strive to make your viewers bright;

Your links should take them on a flight,
and set them free, just like a kite;

Beware, of course, of the DOCTYPE,
without which, your page might not look right;

Upon one glance,
all surfers yipe.

Written and abhorred by:
Derrick Cullen
Amateur poet and over-estimator of his own capabilities as such

Links— for future reference, as needed (hopefully not)…


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