Client Interview and Project Brief *To be completed at a later date*

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October 4, 2012 by derrickjcullen

Sample Client interview—website planning

Project Name: Restaurant.

Contacts for this project: Derrick Cullen,, 717-875-3967

1. Where?

I. Preferred/existing domain name (URL):

II. Domain name already registered: Yes

III. Preferred/existing web server: Apache

2. When?

I. Preferred target date for launching the new site: November 5, 2012

II. Any external factors that influence/affect the schedule: Menu being redesigned at same time

3. Why?

I. Business problem(s) you hope to solve with this site: Increase recommendations from patrons

II. Primary business objectives/goals for this site: (objectives should be measurable): Increase weekend numbers

4. Who?

I. Primary customer/target audience: Health-conscious young men and women

II. Target audience description 21–35 years, male or female, Bachelor’s degree, entry-level positions in field, moderate income, Google Chrome, laptops, high internet skill level


5. What?

I. Function

  1. Why do your customers need you? Quick, affordable, healthy, gourmet meals; ambience of location

What is the most important benefit you offer (from your customers’ perspective)? One free pastry/bakery item with every hot beverage purchase

Who are your direct competitors?;;

  1. What do you offer that is different from your competition? Live music events
  1. How do (will) customers use your site? What are their goals? Online orders, gift certificates, store purchases

II. Perception

  1. What are some adjectives describing how you want visitors to perceive the new site?
  1. Is this different than their current perception?
  1. URLs of sites you like. What do you like about these sites?

III. Content

  1. Do you have existing content for the site or will you create new content? Who will write the new content?
  1. B. Any visuals or content you want to use from your current site or marketing materials (logo, color scheme, navigation, naming conventions, etc.)?

IV. Technology

  1. Do you already have a content management system?
  1. Do you already have content in a database? Database Type (Access, MySQL, Oracle…)?
  1. List special features you would like to have on the site. For each intermediate or advanced technology, explain how this feature will solve the primary business objectives and benefit the target audience and their goals.
    1. Basic: Search engine
  1. Intermediate:
    1.                                  i.     Blog
  1.                                 ii.     Bulletin board
  1.                               iii.     Login (for restricted areas)
  1.                               iv.     Surveys/polls
  1.                                 v.     Wikis
  1. Advanced:
    1.                                  i.     Customization/personalization for users
  1.                                 ii.     Database/dynamic content
  1.                               iii.     Ecommerce
  1.                               iv.     Rich Internet apps (AJAX, Flash, Java, Silverlight)
  1.                                 v.     Security
  1. Any additional programming/feature requirements?

6. How will you use resources to pay for, market, and maintain the site?

I. Budget

  1. Pick Two: Low Cost, Fast Timeline, Full Featured: Low cost, fast timeline

II. Marketing

  1. Do you have a marketing strategy in mind to promote this project? Yes

If yes, could you describe it? Signage outside of location

III. Maintenance

  1. How do you plan to keep the content on the site current?
  1. How often should content change on your site? Seasonally
  1. Who is responsible for providing and updating content? Little Louis

Sample Project brief

(Project briefs are written in sentences and paragraphs. Listed below are the elements of a project brief. Please see page 112 in your textbook for descriptions and more information.)

1. Project name:

2. Big picture:

3. Project summary:

4. Business objectives/goals:

5. Preferred date for launch by client:

6. Target audience:

7. Perception strategy:

8. Message Strategy:

9. Competitive Advantages:


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