“Don’t be like Mister Bungle.”

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October 11, 2012 by derrickjcullen

Even though Web Design seems like a simple thing, a ton of people still manage to screw it up. Some of these concepts might seem a little self-explanatory, but like I said, there is definitely proof of the public’s ignorance out there on the World Wide Web. Here are a few quick suggestions on how to be the diamond in the rough.

  • Don’t design any website specifically for any particular browser.

You want to avoid frustrating potential viewers with any compatibility issues.

  • Create contrast, but not too much.

Aim to put your contrast in the middle of the spectrum; blue on blue is impossible to see, but white on black can strain your eyes.

  • Keep the audience in front of the curtain.

If the stage crew is in the middle of a set change, you wouldn’t yank the rope… Likewise, keep the bulldozers off of your web pages and only launch the content when it’s ready.

  • Restrain yourself from excessive animations.

You know how little kids can get really annoying by asking, “why?” all the time? People hate that.

  • Try not to make anyone’s eardrums bleed.


  • Provide alternate text for all images.

If they can’t go to watch the Superbowl at the stadium, at least let them watch it at home. Get it?

  • Turn on the lights.

Employing black as a background color is a tough-sell; you’re no feline— flip the switch.

Bad web design:

  • My township. — The vast sea of brown dwarfs the unusually tiny webpage; and could that type get any more generic?
  • My school district. — The badly-scaled-picture slideshow along with the almost-nonsensical design hierarchy makes me  one disappointed alumnus.

Good web design:

  • La Blogothèque. — Consistent formatting and contrasting type make navigating this site a breeze.
  • High Existence. — The boldness of this page is perfectly tempered by its logical organization.

The good, the bad, and Mister Bungle:


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