Subtraction = Quality Web Design

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February 28, 2013 by derrickjcullen

For this blog, I’m going to tackle the design of Khoi Vinh’s blog Subtraction

Right from the get-go, Vinh really hammers home the main purpose of a blog… Emphasizing the content. His design is minimalistic— black and white and non-intrusive— it allows his visitors to focus on the content. And although it is attractive, it doesn’t outshine his posts. His lack of color really serves to highlight when it does show up in his entries. Basically, this man has his priorities straight.

A smart organizational strategy used by Vinh is the separation of each post with a horizontal rule, along with the date of the entry… Simple, but it really makes a difference. I feel like common sense is one of the most useful tools to the web designer. Make that any designer.

Footers. That’s where the useless stuff goes, right? Au contraire… Subtraction sports a pretty solid footer— one that can be useful. That marks a stark contrast to the little experience with web design I’ve completed. If it’s not useful, why is it included? Again, no-brainers outperform all the lipstick in every purse of every woman on Earth that could be smeared onto a pig’s lips.

You would think that the design of Subtraction would force me to exhaust my knowledge of the English language to hit the 250 word count, but I would suggest the opposite; sometimes eye-catching design is what you leave out. They might fit right in on a bicycle, but streamers, baseball cards, and bells and whistles should by stripped away for a more enjoyable cruise on the part of the reader.

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